What will happen at my first visit?

At your initial visit I will go through an in-depth and detailed consultation with you, asking questions such as what are your current symptoms, what treatments you have received so far and your medical history.

Depending on your condition, additional questions may be asked, such as your close family‚Äôs medical history,  diet, digestive system, sleeping patterns and emotional state. It is likely that I will take your pulses on both wrists noting specific qualities, rhythms and strengths. Again, depending on your condition I may also examine the structure, colour and coating of your tongue as this gives information about your physical health. Due to this, on the day of your consultation, we ask you refrain from scrubbing off the tongue coating and avoid food and drink high in colouring. Once enough information has been acquired I will formulate a personal treatment plan to suit both yourself and your condition.

Stimulation of specific areas on or beneath the skin, known as acupoints, affects the functioning of certain organs and tissues of the body. These acupoints may lie close to or far away from the problem area. There are around 500 acupoints on the body and it is quite usual that, during a course of treatment, different acupoints will be selected as your condition changes.

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