Ever wondered if acupuncture is right for you?


An acupuncture session with Daniel Windridge at the One Aesthetic studio. 

I really wasn't lying when I stated only last week that I would be back ASAP at the One Aesthetic studio. 

Exactly one ( see what I did here!) Week after experiencing a skin  refreshing  chemical peel at the private clinic and soul touching meditation class, which has resulted in tons of lovely compliments on how fresh my skin is looking, I was back. Happily strolling through the One Aesthetic studio doors again. 

Feeling rather curious this time to experience my first ever acupuncture session.  

Like last time I was warmly greeted by the wonderful "One" staff and acupuncture practitioner Daniel Windridge. I recently  read that more and more scientific research is acknowledging that acupuncture is beneficial for the treatment of, among other things menstrual  and menopausal symptoms, pain management, insomnia,  to treat those  sickening migraines and can strengthen the immune system. 

Acupuncture can even be beneficial to ease the side effects of chemotherapy. Chatting away with down to earth Daniel he confirmed the latter.  You see Daniel volunteers regularly at Beechwood Cancer Care Centre in Stockport,  where he kindly  supports cancer patients going through chemotherapy.  He became an experienced and passionate acupuncturist practitioner in 2003, after giving up his day job in a test lab. 

The list really is endless what acupuncture can be beneficial for.  From fibromyalgia,  lower back pain, blood pressure problems to depression, anxiety  and many more ailments.  

Daniel,  started my acupuncture session with a thorough consultation.  I must admit isas grateful I could tick so many boxes with a "NO", as we were going through my medical history.  So now you are probably wondering why on earth I would book myself a treatment involving needles being pierced through my skin.  Truthfully but not shamefully I have been struggling most of my life with painful periods.  With another ferociously period lurking around the corner I had already started to feel like I do most months just before my menstrual cycle kicks in. Headache with that forgetful cotton wool head feeling and sickening stomach cramps. On top of that I felt a tad more more emotional than my normally "I have everything under control-even if I dont" self. I really could not wait to find out if one ( I did it again!) acupuncture session with Daniel could ease my upcoming period troubles noticeably.  

Why acupuncture?

Many western doctors still don't know how acupuncture actually wofks. Some claim it wofks by balancing vital energy, while others claim it has a neurological effect. In a nut shell Chinese Medicine believes our health is the result of harmonious balance of the complementary extremes of "yin" and "yang" of the life force known as "qi". Illness and disease is the consequence of an imbalance of these forces.  

Nevertheless, many western doctors still dont know how it works. In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence  has approved doctor prescribed acupuncture for chronic tension headaches and lower back pain. So if you are suffering from tension headaches and lower backache and are totally fed up popping pain killers, it might be worth a trip to your GP and book yourself an acupuncture session. 

Daniel explained acupuncture aims to unblock and realign energy flow pathways within a patient. Basically an acupuncturist will insert a needle through specific points in the body and stimulate the nerve. 

The needles are hardly ever inserted into the problem area, which I found out with my treatment for my menstrual problems.  There are roughly 350 acupressure  points along the body where needles can be inserted.  Acupuncture is very beneficial in that: it's safe and has few side effects; can be combined with other treatments; can control some types of pain and can help patients for whom pain medications are not suitable.  

The procedure 

I have to agree that sticking needles in your skin does not sound like much fun nor very relaxing. However, the treatment itself is totally painless. The hair-fine sterilised were inserted with Daniel's precise insertion in both my hands, both feet and my lower legs. This wasn't painful at all. All I could sense in one or two inserted needles was a bit of pressure,  which swiftly disappeared.  

I was suprised how relaxed I started to feel. Almost floaty like. Daniel took his time to insert the needles and made sure I was comfortable and felt at ease. After all the needles were inserted Daniel left the room and  I blissfully chilled out for around 30 minutes. With a hectic lifestyle it was very welcoming 30 minutes of letting things just be. Especially with the One Aesthetic Studio treatment room having a crisp white clean yet cosy feel to it. I had to fight not to drift off to the land of nod! I am not exactly sure if this was due to the needles working their magic of just the relaxed feeling of the treatment room. 

After 30 minutes Daniel returned and gently removed the needles. Yet again this was totally bearable and pain free. 

I asked Daniel how many treatments you would normally need. He explained for a chronic disease or illness an intense course of 8 treatments within three weeks is advisable.  However  he has experienced a patient with chronic lower back pain being pain free after just one session. Totally worth a shot I say, if you are being held back by certain aches , pains, imbalance or illness. 

And.....How did I experience my monthly dreaded period after the treatment?

Normally a few days before I start my period, I experience restless sleeps. The nights after this treatment I slept like a baby. The cramps were noticeably less severe and my period shorter by two days. On an emotional level I felt....What can I say without sounding insane of dramatic?  More alert, less emotional  and relaxed. All in all, i felt more balanced and less afcted by this month's period. 

If you feel after reading this that acupuncture might be benefit your well being too. Whether it's like hormonal me for period issues or any other illness yoh can get hold of Daniel at the One Aesthetic studio on 01625 585 990 and at www.oneaestheticstudio.com . Alternatively you can also find Daniel on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Cavendish Acupuncture Clinic


Essy van der Vlies

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