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When addressing pain and pain related conditions, unlike other forms of treatment, the methods of acupuncture applied here at our clinic allow immediate results. 

Should you be suffering with back pain/sciatica, headaches/migraines, facial pain, sinus discomfort, joint/muscle pain, stiffness, numbness, burning pain(s) for example. Our end result remain the same. 

Coming to see us for treatment, you can expect consistent, reproducible and significant pain relief within seconds. In most cases, pain is stopped altogether within seconds. Akin to turning off a light switch. 


In order to obtain these results, the acupuncture areas adopted for treatment commonly reside below the elbows and knees. Often, far away from where you are actually experiencing pain and discomfort. This makes treatment much more acceptable and convenient for our patients as there is no need to disrobe. 

Treatment can be performed with you simply sat comfortably on a chair and also in a group setting. 

We do understand how people new to this treatment modality may feel regarding the above expectations. However, we have been helping people in this way for sometime now and remain confident and comfortable with our claims.

Despite moving more towards mainstream medicine and being around for thousands of years, if interested parties are left in the dark on how acupuncture "REALLY" works, uncertainty will remain. The same applies to any worries regarding the needles used and how these needles actually feel during treatment.


Should you still be feeling a little unsure, why not contact us on Free Phone 0800 458 0734 and request a free no obligation informal chat. At Cavendish Acupuncture Clinic, a very close second to helping people back to health in the shortest amount of time possible, is education. Educating our patients along with interested people, who perhaps would otherwise have no idea of the health benefits acupuncture has to offer and just how remarkable this form of treatment is. Helping people to understand that they do have a choice in their healthcare, that certain medications are not always the only answer and that you do not just have to 'live with' those aches and pains is our passion and pleasure.

In order to address any questions/concerns you may have, Daniel sets aside a few hours each week. This is a perfect opportunity to meet with Daniel face to face in our clinic setting and ask him any questions you may have relating to a specific condition(s), acupuncture and the needles used. In turn, Daniel will explain what treatment entails, give an estimation of how long treatment may take and if required, forward additional information for you to have a look through at your leisure.

At no cost to you, an informal 15-20 minute chat maybe all you need to put your mind at ease. Prior to any commitments, should you wish to see for yourself just what acupuncture feels like, if appropriate and with your consent, it would be our pleasure to carry out a brief demonstration/taster session for you.

If you are suffering with pain and discomfort, we can help you. IMMEDIATLY!

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