Changes made to our Patient Journey

  • Your journey starts – Making the appointment

  • Go to Make an appointment and follow instructions to go to our online booking system.

  • Pre-appointment you will be asked a few simple screening questions in order to make your appointment. These are just to ensure your own patient safety, and that of the practitioner and the wider community. Questions include:

  • Have you travelled abroad in the last 10 days?

  • Your age to check if you are in the vulnerable category

  • Have you been in 2 week isolation?

  • Have you had a temperature, sore throat, cold or chest infection?

  • Have you, or anyone in your house, had contact with anyone displaying symptoms of Covid 19?

  • Have you any underlying health problems?

  • Your appointment will be made for 1 hour. You’ll be given details so that you can pay by bank transfer (please include your surname on payments)

On arrival at the practice – You will find that we have taken new measures, to help you avoid contact and maintain social distancing:

  • The waiting room will no longer be used – just stay in your car and the practitioner will collect you.

  • Inside the building, please wash your hands thoroughly under running water. It is recommended that you do this for 60 seconds, including the back of your hands and your nails using a good friction rub. Alternatively, you can sanitise your hands with the gel provided, then leave it to dry for one minute before touching anything. This allows the alcohol to kill any bacteria and viruses.

  • Please put on the disposable mask provided for you.

  • Please bring your own bath towel for comfort and modesty purposes.

  • Please don’t bring a companion or children to your appointment unless discussed with the practitioner beforehand.

  • Your 1 hour appointment allows for the cleaning of the room with 70% alcohol disinfectants, before and after treatment. Each appointment will be staggered if another practitioner or therapist is working so that no contact between patients will be made in passing.

  • Your treatment – The practitioner will welcome you into the treatment room.

  • They will discuss any of the safety measures taken, and will be wearing PPE, including a plastic apron. The use of gloves and in some cases, eye protection, will also be discussed with every patient.

  • Treatment tables all have plastic covers and pillowcases which are easily wiped and sterilised after each patient. There will also be disposable paper covering each table. No bed linen will be used – and no towels, which is why it is important for you to bring your own.

  • Before each and every patient, practitioners have been trained to clean the room, couch and door handles – and to wash their hands and arms up to their elbows.

  • Leaving the practice – On leaving the practice, you can dispose of your mask in the bin provided by the white garage door.

Thank you for your support. Your care and safety in this time of uncertainty, is our utmost priority – and every step we have taken has been done with this in mind. Contact us on 0161 217 9302 or 07951 082 907 to discuss or make an appointment

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