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Having suffered from fibromyalgia for over 15 years, I had tried many different drug treatments, some on prescription and some herbal. Prescription drugs had so many unpleasant side effects and herbal not so effective. Painkillers became the only alternative. I read on the fibromyalgia web site that some sufferers had found some success with acupuncture. I contacted Daniel who speedily arranged a consultation with me. His approach was very positive and I found him to be very compassionate and understanding of my situation. Two years later I feel better than I have in years, painkillers are rarely needed and I feel much more in control of my health without resorting to drugs. The treatment is painless and very relaxing. Daniel is very professional, respectful and as a more mature lady he makes me feel very comfortable.

CG Poynton

Been in agony for 2 weeks with a bad back, just had my first session of acupuncture and I feel so much better- can't wait for my next session next week!! If anybody is thinking of it or has similar problems I'd definitely recommend Daniel Windridge! Brilliant job so far mate thank you once again!!!

CH Hazel Grove

A big thank you for all your efforts to ‘sort me out’!

SF Chorley

“Thank you so much – I feel like I have got a bit of my life back!”

AC Wilmslow

“I feel it's only fair to let you know that I am completely nausea free today. This is a first in a very long time. Thank you so much, I honestly really appreciate you doing this for me #acupunctureconvert”

JW Hazel Grove

"Hi Daniel

I hope you're well.

I wanted to let you know that the acupuncture you did for me during IVF and before my embryo transfer really helped as I am now 12 weeks pregnant! Thank you so very much"

VR Poynton

“Hi Daniel, just found out that I am now pregnant! Just want to thank you for your part in this; I am sure the acupuncture made a huge difference! Had 12 week scan today and everything was fine. I will prob be in touch when due if any help is needed to bring on labour! “

ML Denton

“Following my first treatment last Wednesday, this is the first time I have been pain free in two years”

BC Offerton

"At a talk about acupuncture, perfect timing as i had a bit of a niggle in the left of my back earlier today, he puts 2 needles in my right hand and almost instantly the pain was gone!! Bravo Daniel Windridge anyone with any pains anywhere I'd highly recommend this man,he certainly knows his stuff!"

CH Hazel Grove

"Put needles in my hand and made my toes feel better. Genius :) I wouldn't let just anyone stick needles in me."

HJ Hazel Grove

"Hi Daniel This is just a note to let you know how I feel after my course of acupuncture. As you know before I started my 8 sessions I was having a lot muscle pain in my limbs and joint pain in my wrists and thumbs. Also I was feeling quite low mentally. As the treatment progressed I began to feel better both in myself and my aches and pains. I am so glad I came to your clinic as I feel better than I have for ages. I am going to recommend you and your clinic to anyone I know who may benefit from the treatment. Thanks again Daniel I will be in touch if I need anymore treatments."

HK Hazel Grove

"I went to Daniel for some pain relief and mobilisation of my frozen left shoulder as the pain was affecting my quality of life. I was unable to move my shoulder above 45 degrees and the pain was unbearable, especially at night time. I have a physical job as an occupational therapist working in the field of special needs. I had never had acupuncture before and was unsure if it would help me. On my first visit I was truly amazed how it worked and Daniel explained the process thoroughly. Once the needles were in place I had full range of movement in my shoulder and was pain free. It was fantastic. Following the treatment the pain was much lesser in intensity. I followed up with a course of treatment which massively helped the prognosis of my symptoms. I had previously experienced the condition in my right shoulder so know how it progresses. I regained mobility much faster and was able to manage the pain by the use of acupuncture treatment. I would fully recommend this to anyone. I was a little sceptical however, I am truly a believer on how this works on the body and would definitely use acupuncture again, especially from Daniel as he is extremely professional in his field should I need to in the future."

NR Newton Le Willows


"Well i visited with an open mind , I have osteo arthritis in both knees due to playing a lot of Football during my Youth and my job is a Domestic Electrician climbing under Floors or in Lofts so all in all my Knees are buggered !! My app was in the Afternoon and I had been working so my left knee as usual was aching , like a constant 'Toothache' Daniel explained about the Distal procedure and he started to feel for painful areas on my right elbow, he then put in 5 needles around my Elbow and then asked me did I feel ok to walk across the Room ...... the pain in my Knee had gone !! I was left with the needles in for 15 minutes then Daniel came back and twiddled with the needles and then left me for another 15 minutes , then it was needles out and treatment finished I was that impressed that I booked for an 8 appointment course of Treatment , I left without any pain in my Knee. As a footnote the next day I had no pain in either Knee , I worked a full day and there was a little pain in the left Knee but nothing like in the past , I'm looking forward to my 2nd visit ✔ I've never had Acupuncture and I'd recommend it to anybody who is suffering pain ..... it may help."

PR Stockport

"As a Lupus patient for many years I went to Cavendish Acupuncture Clinic for treatment on my lower back which I injured whilst on holiday. After only two treatments I noticed a considerable improvement in my back but I also discovered I could clench my right hand fingers which had not been possible for many years. Thank you."

ES Hazel Grove

Daniel took part in one of my charity days and I not only got the opportunity to try this service out but was able to hear a great many of his clients that day and how they had walked into his station in pain and walked away without any, for myself he was able to give me pain relief in two areas and as a self confessed needle hater, they really were not bad at all, did not feel them and certainly was shocked to see how fast they actually worked. could not recommend this guy enough, he is kind and genuine and knows his stuff..

MM Manchester

Daniel is now my first appointment for any issue. I have recommended several of my friends who are now converted.

SA Marple

After suffering an injury that stopped me from running, physio not working and me not being able to train for an ultra marathon I have booked, I tried acupuncture at Cavendish Acupuncture Clinic. I was a sceptic, I'm certainly not now. The relief from the discomfort was absolutely immediate, and the recovery I experienced as quick as the day after astonished me. Dan is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. Carnt recommened enough.

DM-W Congleton

To Daniel, Thankyou so much for your kind attention and treatment. It has made a massive difference to me. Love P.

P Beechwood Cancer Care centre Stockport

I have been having painful and disruptive monthly periods all my life. Somthing I thought I would just have to live with. However this month with just session with Daniel At One Aesthetic Studio I have noticed a huge difference. I felt more balanced, less emotional, the crippling stomach pains and sickening headaches were noticeably less. On top of that I didn't need to take any pain killers this month. Daniel took his time with a thorough consultation. He made sure I was comfortable during the treatment. Thankyou Daniel *****

EVDV One Aesthetic Studio Alderley Edge

I've had Plantar Fasciitis for about two months now in my left heal. Excruciatingly painful, making walking almost unbearable..... Anyhow, this afternoon I had a visit from Daniel Windridge From Cavendish acupuncture clinic in Hazel Grove to see if he could help with the pain. Honestly I can not believe the difference just one half an hour session has made. I am walking normally with no pain, which is such an immense relief I carnt tell you. Have been taking Co-Codamol for weeks trying to get rid of the pain, I am now completely pain free. Thankyou Daniel Windridge, just amazing

HM Hyde

Daniel, Thankyou for helping me recover from nerve pain in my neck and left arm with acupuncture.

P Stockport

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