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Get Started With No-Needle Acupuncture

The Pa-Chi Piezo Stimulator Helps You Find Relief From Pain

Perfect for first-time clients, the Pa-Chi Piezo Stimulator activates the Balance Method pressure points, helping you get the benefit of acupuncture without the penetration of needles. Although not as long-lasting as traditional needle acupuncture, the Pa-Chi Piezo Stimulator will help you find pain relief while you relax and build trust in your acupuncturist. 


The Pa-Chi Piezo Stimulator generates a single electric impulse by compressing and releasing pressure on a piezo crystal inside the stimulator. A single pulse, approximately 10 micro-seconds, with a peak voltage up to 10,000 volts is generated with each activation. The piezo crystal has a life of 5,000 – 10,000 pulses, depending on the condition of use.

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