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Dr Tan's Balance Method

Balance Method is an advanced system of Acupuncture that is over 2500 years old. It's foundations are based upon the philosophies of the Ba Gua, an eastern philosophy based upon mathematics; and the I Ching, one of the oldest books in the world that utilizes the Ba Gua philosophy. The concepts introduced by the I Ching & Ba Gua philosophy allow mathematical systems to be fully integrated into our view of reality.

In Chinese medicine there are four great bodies of work, handed down over millennia, and considered to be essential reading. Applying meridian theory(s) from the ancient classical texts such as the "Nei Jing", "Nan Jing", "Ling Shu" "Sue wen" Balance Method Acupuncture is based on a check and balance system to keep the body in optimum health. Each one of the body’s organs and corresponding channels and vessels are connected to others via a complex network of inter-relationships termed "Jing Luo". Utilizing the knowledge of these relationships, your practitioner is able to achieve stronger, more effective acupuncture treatment usually resulting in an immediate beneficial response.

Balance method acupuncture provides you with the following benefits;

  1.   A sense of balance in your life.

  2.   85% success rate through a series of treatments.

  3.   Individual specific attention to your problem.

  4.   Treatment areas more commonly reside on the arms & legs. For example, a painful shoulder maybe treated by areas around the ankle. Back pain maybe treated by areas on the arm. 

  5.   Regardless of the location of any painful or problem area the patient remains fully clothed.

  6.   Faster overall recovery times.

  7.   Receiving treatment in this manner allows an immediate response and pain relief within seconds.

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