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Immune12 acupressure protocol.

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

With this COVID19 pandemic, keeping both our immune and respiratory systems in good working order has never been more necessary. This is something I can help you achieve once this lockdown has been lifted. In the meantime, I have put together and recorded some self help acupressure balancing techniques for you to use at home. These videos are also available on the following websites and social media platforms:

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YouTube Cavendish Acupuncture Clinic Cheshire You will find a series of 3-4 minute videos. The first four will give you a step by step guide on how to correctly locate each of the "immune 12" acupressure points. The last video will show best practice on the acupressure tecniques. This immune 12 protocol will give the immune system a boost and help strengthen the lungs and respiratory system. Please run through each video from start to finish once or twice before you start to locate and mark each point. You will find little hints and tips along the way so please get acquainted with them. As the name suggests there are twelve acupressure points. Five are located on the arms and seven on the legs. Balance Method. It is very possible to influence the immune and respiratory systems with this protocol. I use it and versions of it in my clinic to help ease the symptoms of various respiratory conditions such as Asthma, COPD and Lung Sarcoidosis. I remember one patient who was wheezing and struggling to get enough breath. As soon as the treatment was given the wheezing stoped and breathing became much easier. Results can be immediate. However, only if the points are correctly located and applied in the correct order. To squeeze just that little bit more effort and resources from our body we need to make sure we are asking the right questions and giving the body the correct geographic coordinates for these extra resources to be sent to. Balance method achieves this by applying concepts and theories from the Yi Ching and Ba Gua (Bar Gwa) treatment approaches.  (A little more about this shortly) In a similar way as a computer processor responds to specific binary codes, we can have the body respond in a pre determined way as a direct consequence of a specific set of Ba Gua instructions. From a Ba Gua prescription, we could direct the bodies resources to help with a lower back problem or increase blood flow to the injury area of the ankle. In the case of my patient just mentioned above, make the body aware of the increased effort needed to open up the airways. In fact, this pattern instructs the body to check the entire front of the body, nose, mouth, throat, sinuses, chest, lungs and entire respiratory system. Ba Gua mathematics. All be it in the tiniest of nut shells, this is how balance method works. It is an advanced system of medicine that is over 2,500 years old. It's foundations are based upon the philosophies of the "Ba Gua", an eastern philosophy based upon mathamatics; and the "Yi Ching" thought to be one of the oldest books in the world that utilizes the Ba Gua philosophy. The concepts introduced by the Yi Ching and Ba Gua philosophy allow mathamatical systems to be fully integrated into our view of reality. Whilst learning about the Ba Gua on one of Dr Tan's advanced teaching tracks, I remember him looking at us all from the side of his projector saying something like: "What, you all wanted to become acupuncturists in order to avoid the need for mathematics?........ I am sorry" Acupuncture and the Immune system. Regarding the immune system being boosted, I have posted on my Facebook page "instant Result Acupuncture" a short 45 Minute webinar. Hosted by Dr Bartosz Chmielnicki, an MD and director of Acuart - The international school of classical acupuncture. The topic of this webinar is concerned with the influence of acupuncture on the human immune system, in the view of western medical science. He talks about how acupuncture can actually regulate the immune system addressing both an overactive and underactive immune system. More emphasis is however placed on the immune enhancing aspects and the state of current research and mechanisms discussed. He talks about the white cell types of our immune system with Leukocytes being the most related to our immunity. Results of three trials carried out on healthy human volunteers are shown using some of the acupuncture/acupressure points used in the immune 12 balance. You will see that white cells such as; T helper lymphocytes and macrophages have been boosted through acupuncture and remain at increased levels eight days after treatment. Macrophages also work much harder after treatment. Another study (Brazilian study) decided to invite and include twenty four elderly people. Because we know that the immune system is not so active and are more prone to disease compaired to the younger adults. Again, using points included in our immune 12. They measured and compared the state of lymphocyte T cells of both the younger adults and the elderly, before and after treatment. Before treatment the elderly group showed a reduced immune function compared to the younger adult group. After treatment, both groups showed an increase in lymphocyte T cells. The younger adults showed only a slight increase. What is fascinating is the level of increase in the lymphocyte T cells of the elderly group. It almost brought it level with the younger adults. Although only a very small sample size are used in these two studies, the results are impressive. To finish on this webinar, Dr Bartosz presents the findings of a large meta-analysis study showing how acupuncture enhances immunity in lung cancer patients. No longer dealing with the small sample sizes of the previous two studies, this research included 31 published  papers and almost two thousand people. The results are outstanding. Webinar link

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